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Specialised in research management and in a number of Open Science pillars

Our goals are to address the challenges and opportunities posed by Open Science in this new context. 

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Our mission is to help research organisations to build more autonomy for science and scholarship through Open Science.  Research becomes ever more elitist if a small number of people decide what the worthwhile and valid projects are. By building a bridge of trust between researchers and the public, eliminating data manipulations, paywalls to trustful knowledge, and redesigning its reward systems Open Science is making a grand commitment to better serve the world. Open Science has the responsibility to step up and lead the effort of keeping misinformation at bay. If only for these reasons, Open Science deserves an autonomous place in our society. We need to gain the right to discover, the right to know and the right to develop new solutions to transform our world for the better.

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Open Science offers new opportunities to advance science. A large part of its attraction is the potential to accelerate the transition from scientific discoveries to real-life solutions. Although substantial progress has been achieved in many branches of the Open Science movement (e.g. Open Access, Open Education, FAIR data), the aim of Open Science to help accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries should not be forgotten. With these principles in mind, we will explore successful collaborations between academia and industry based on collaboration, openness and transparency.
Despite a common (mis)understanding, commercial exploitation is compatible with Open Science and can play a synergistic role in reinforcing each other by building trust and increasing impact. But, in order to do so successfully, these two sides need to find a common understanding of each other’s needs and wishes and closely collaborate to maximise the positive impact they can have on society.

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We develop specific research for scholarly communication, open science and citizen science. Our research activity is generally confidential.

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