LibOCS Online Workshop (ME)


LibOCS Multiplier Events

Organised by: Immer Besser GmbH, Munich
Language: English
Date: April 11th 2024 at 14:30 Central European Summer Time (Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Zagreb).
Duration: 90 minutes (including Q&A)
Where: this is an online workshop. After you register, you will receive further instructions for joining in within 2 days before it starts.



  1. Short overview of Romanian Citizen Science Initiatives. What national support is needed?
  2. Dr. Tiberius Ignat, Director Immer Besser GmbH – WORKSHOP. “Your Right to Data Privacy”

* BESPOC (Broad Engagement in Science, Point of Contact) is a model of institutional support services for public engagement and citizen science activities that take place at universities and research organisations.

The BESPOC Model originates from the BESPOC Prototype, which adheres to a 2016 LERU recommendation. This model is first to address the untapped potential of Citizen Science (CS) to support the pan-European Open Science (OS) challenges at institutional level (university, research organisations), advocating for research to be open, shareable, and beneficial for societal advancement.



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